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Booking Information:

1. Contact Staff Act. (fire / non-fire)
Length: 4 Minutes.
Music: Classical Chinese Music.
This routine is based on the grace and magic of 'contact' staff. The staff seems to float over my body, unaided by my hands, doing impossible things. Requires at least 4m x 4m area to perform in, with a ceiling height of 4m at least. In larger areas it is easier to do more spectacular movements.

2. Double Staff Act: 'Extrapolation' (fire / glow / non-fire)
Length: 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Music: Melodic Electronica.
'Extrapolation' based on illusion and hypnotic movements of the staffs, which interact with each other in ways that physical laws don't allow. Requires a 4m x 4m area to perform in and a ceiling height of 6m for staff juggling.

3. Freestyle Performances. (fire and/or glow)
Spectacular performances, set to thrilling music, themed to your event. If a fully choreographed routine is not what you desire, then I can perform a 'freestyle' routine, utilising high octane spinning, fire juggling and all the audience pleasing tricks I can't fit in my 'normal' routines.
I can tailor my show to best work with the space and time available. Just ask, and I'll be happy to prepare custom costumes, props and routines to make the performance match your needs.

4. Large Multi-Performer Shows
Just one performer might not be all you need, I also know a lot of the local Edinburgh Fire and Circus Performers, as well as world class performers around the country, and worldwide. If you need a larger show, I can create and organise an appropriately sized show for your event, or recommend other performance groups more suited to what you need. Contact me and let me know what you need.

Please Note:

* Fire dancing looks best at night, or in the dark.
* Fire safety is a high priority at any fire performance. I am fully insured, but must have access to my safety equipment and a zone or barrier that the audience know not to intrude upon. (For their own safety.) It's best if I can view the performance area before the event to ensure that it will be safe for performance.
* Fire is only suitable indoors in large venues, and must have the permission of the building manager. All fire will give off some smoke, but special fuels can be used to minimise it. Good ventilation for the performance space is useful, as well as testing the fire alarms won't be set off by the fire I use.
* Outdoor performances are weather permitting. Generally I'll perform in any weather, but the fire can be a little more fussy.

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