Michael Caden Pike
Circus Performer, Fire and Contact Staff Artist, Teacher, Boss.
my skills

I was introduced to fire spinning accidentally 4 years ago but soon found it to be something that I enjoyed and excelled at. I quickly made a name for myself as a contact staff expert and that is still what I most enjoy.

Naturally as the years progressed, I picked up other skills and influences. It's tempting to think that the first prop you excell at is the 'best', but gaining skills in many, and learning their strengths and weaknesses is a path to greater understanding of manipulation in general.

I am constantly striving to increase my skills at manipulating and entertaining in order to continue to progress towards a better and better performance. I've been inspired by other manipulators, nature, art, dance, visual jazz, contemporary circus and theatre. One of my goals is to be able to create a routine that can actually be labeled as 'art'. When done with fire anything can be captivating because of the spectacle of fire. I am able to capture an audience without fire, but also to be able to things with fire that make other fire artists gasp with incredulity.

I love improving my old routines and working on intricate new ones. Choreographing group fire performances is also a passion of mine, as it is an another outlet for ideas I have about performance.

Directed and Choreographed a 20 minute fire show for FirePoise in Belfast NI.

Lead and choreographed three group fire performances for the 'Samhuinn' ritual In Edinburgh, Over the course of three years.

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